Job Profiles: Shipfitter


Shipfitting at employers like Electric Boat and Senesco will layout, fabricate and assemble various metal structural parts of a ship such as plates and bulkheads – brace them and prepare them for welding. Shipfitters should have a working knowledge of burning, grinding and welding operations and be able to read, understand and work from blueprints and use scribe and hand tools. Employers are looking for candidates who enjoy physically demanding work, who are willing to comply with safety procedures and guidelines and have an excellent work ethic.



  • Average Hourly Wage  =  $19.68
  • Entry Hourly Wage  =  $14.15
  • Experienced Hourly Wage  =  $25.22
  • Median Hourly Wage  =  $20.30

Employers are expected  to continue  needing machinists who have a wide range of skills and are capable of performing modern production techniques and almost any task in a machine shop.  Manufacturers will continue to rely heavily on skilled machinists as they invest in new equipment , modify production techniques, and implement product design changes more rapidly

(Information from Way to Go RI)