Working in the 21st Century

The landscape for skilled workers in the shipbuilding/marine and advanced manufacturing trades has changed drastically in recent decades. Here at the SAMI Program we offer training for four different job opportunities. With the 21st Century not only have manufacturing wages increased dramatically, but the skills required to work these jobs have also changed. Gone are the days when materials were manufactured by hand on an assembly line. Workers are now required to utilize computerized equipment to ensure precision and accuracy in every aspect of their job. SAMI is here to bridge the gap between unemployed Rhode Island residents and well-paying manufacturing jobs.  Employers looking to hire through SAMI seek candidates that enjoy physically demanding work, are willing to comply with safety procedures and guidelines, and have excellent work ethic. Click on each job title for more information.


Welders use both traditional and state of the art welding equipment (by hand-welding or flame cutting) to weld together steel plates, angles, channels, and other components.

  • Average Entry Level Annual Wage = $31,928.00
  • Average Annual Wage = $44,907.00


Machinists set up and operate a variety of machine tools to produce precision parts and instruments and may also fabricate and modify parts to make or repair machine tools or maintain industrial machines. They are able to set up and operate both manual and CNC machines by reading and following a variety of blue prints and diagrams.

  • Average Entry Level Annual Wage = $21,300.00
  • Average Annual Wage = $28,704.00


The pipefitter lays-out, fits, and tack welds metal components as well as work with piping that ranges from very small to very large in diameter. They are responsible for fabrication and installation of piping systems that allow essential liquids and gasses under varying pressures to travel throughout ships.

  • Average Entry Level Annual Wage = $34,299.00
  • Average Annual Wage = $60,424.00


The shipfitter lays-out, fabricates, and assembles various metal structural parts of a ship, such as plates and bulkheads, to brace them and prepare them for welding. They will have a working knowledge of burning, grinding and welding operations and be able to read blueprints as well as, understand, and work from them.

  • Average Entry Level Annual Wage = $29,432.00
  • Average Annual Wage = $40,934.00