Two Global Companies Reshoring Manufacturing Operations

According to Automation World, two large international companies – GE and Siemens – are planning to reshore some of their manufacturing operations to the United States.

In the case of GE, they’ve decided to reshore their operations not as a showing of patriotism, but rather because it’s what makes good business sense for their company. Having their manufacturing plants in the United States allows for much quicker turn around time between order placement and delivery, as opposed to having products produced overseas, then shipped back stateside for distribution.

According to Raj Batra, President of Siemens Industry Automation Division, “The assumption that you can make things there and sell them here has been turned on its head. It’s no longer a question of brawn over brains. It’s hard to design products if you don’t understand production. Manufacturing has become knowledge work, and it requires highly skilled workers.”

Unfortunately, companies such as these are having difficulty finding highly skilled workers to fill their new plants. As the manufacturing industry has evolved and changed, so has technology, and employees may now be expected to be well-versed in more technologically advanced equipment than in years past.

The Shipbuilding/Marine Trades and Advanced Manufacturing Institute (SAMI) at New England Institute of Technology is determined to close that skills gap. Unemployed Rhode Island residents may be eligible for free job training in the shipbuilding and/or manufacturing trades.

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