The Return of Middle America

According to analysis by USA Today, about 2.5million “blue collar” jobs are expected to be added to the United States economy by 2017, accounting for 40% of all job growth. And while that’s certainly good news for the economy as a whole, it does present an interesting set of problems for employers and employees alike. 

Paul Osterman, an economist and professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management is predicting that when the “Baby Boom” generation retires “there will be tremendous demand for” jobs that – prior to the Great Recession – seemed to be rapidly disappearing. 

These jobs, which are described as requiring “less than a bachelor’s degree” in terms of education and are expected to pay at least $13 per hour, will also require that candidates to have specialized training in new and emerging technology as the economy and industries like manufacturing continue to evolve. 

According to the USA Today article, 

“If you have no skills, you’re not necessarily going to pop down here and find a job,” says Cally Graves, senior industry liaison for the Gulf Coast Workforce Board in Houston. “You need to get some training or education … otherwise, you’ll end up in the same old situation you were in back home.” 

Gone are the days where an entry-level manufacturing position can be taught solely on the job. Prospective employees now need to be armed with training and skills to perform the basic functions of the job.

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