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President Obama Announces Plans To Help Strengthen Manufacturing Industry

In a move backed by President Obama, the Department of Commerce’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership – which serves over 30,000 US manufacturers each year – has announced a plan to fix “the innovation gap faced by small manufacturers.” The plan includes enhancing the Manufacturing Extension Partnership’s state-side centers, and “a pilot competition for $130 million (£81.3 […]

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The US Manufacturing Showed More Gains in October

According to the Institute for Supply Management, the factory index increased to 59 in October, “matching August as the highest month since March 2011.” Bloomberg News reports that “the pickup signals U.S. factories are withstanding slower global markets as improving balance sheets give households and companies the wherewithal to spend. A stronger job market and […]

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New England Tech Announces Collaboration With Rockwell Automation, Inc.

New England Institute of Technology (NEIT), announced that the college has collaborated with Rockwell Automation, Inc. in the development of a new automation lab to be utilized by students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science Degree program in Electrical Engineering Technology (ELT). Beginning with the start of the fall quarter on October 6, 2014, students […]

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The Return of Middle America

According to analysis by USA Today, about 2.5million “blue collar” jobs are expected to be added to the United States economy by 2017, accounting for 40% of all job growth. And while that’s certainly good news for the economy as a whole, it does present an interesting set of problems for employers and employees alike.  […]

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SAMI Teams Up With New England Tech Quadricycle Club

The New England Institute of Technology Quadricycle Club has teamed up with the SAMI program to produce a replica Quadricycle. The purpose of the Quadricycle Club  “is to have Mechanical Engineering Technology (MCT) students, as well as interested students from any of the college’s more than 40 academic programs, work collaboratively towards a goal of reverse engineering, manufacturing, […]

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SAMI Program Featured In Providence Business News

The Shipbuilding/Marine Trades and Advanced Manufacturing Institute (SAMI) has been featured in Providence Business News! In the middle of an internship at Swissline Precision Manufacturing Inc., Bill Johnson of Central Falls is learning not only about how to be a machinist, but how to pay attention to subtleties in the metals he works with there. […]

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U.S. Manufacturing Expecting 18 Month Growth Over Other Industries

The United States Manufacturing industry is expected to outpace the overall growth of the U.S. economy during the next year a half, according to the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI). It is being predicted that the major precursor to this growth will be investments into some sectors, rather than consumer-driven growth. According to their […]

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U.S. Commerce Secretary Urges Trade-based Education

Penny Pritzker, the United States Commerce Secretary, delivered the keynote address at the Society of Manufacturing Engineers’ Big M conference earlier this week and urged manufacturers to work with high school students to demystify the manufacturing industry. In her speech she highlighted the fact that many of today’s younger generation look at jobs in the […]

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Two Global Companies Reshoring Manufacturing Operations

According to Automation World, two large international companies – GE and Siemens – are planning to reshore some of their manufacturing operations to the United States. In the case of GE, they’ve decided to reshore their operations not as a showing of patriotism, but rather because it’s what makes good business sense for their company. […]

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US Manufacturing Grows As China Stalls

It appears that as the global economy continues to dig out of The Great Recession many economists will be laser-focused on the United States manufacturing industry. According to early reports, it appears that as the United States manufacturing industry continues its recovery it is outpacing other countries – including China. While the US is continuing […]

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