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Manufacturing In The U.S. Expanded At The Fastest Rate In Four Years

According to a private survey by Markit, the United States manufacturing industry went through it’s fastest period of growth in four years. This news is is certainly welcome news to investors, which are close to recovering all losses since the beginning of the year – much of which can be credited due to the stabilizing […]

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Women In The Welding Workforce

The American manufacturing industry has been facing a problem recently – there are far more jobs available than qualified tradespeople to work them. Interestingly, the manufacturing sector is tackling this problem in a way that it hasn’t done since World War I – it’s focusing its recruiting tactics on women. CNBC.com spoke with a number of […]

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New Details Of The Manufacturing Innovation Institute Emerging

It has been announced that John Deere will join 18 companies as a part of the Manufacturing Innovation Institute. According to MachineFinder.com, the companies involved in the Institute will join forces with an academic team from North Carolina State University in a $70million effort to improve the next generation of wide bandgap semiconductors. The Department […]

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The Wall Street Journal Is Advising Investors To Invest In American Manufacturing Companies

In what is perhaps the biggest move that shows the United States manufacturing industry is back on track, the Wall Street Journal is advising investors to use “Made in the U.S.A.” as an “investing theme” for 2014. According to the article posted this week, The U.S. economy is recovering slowly but steadily. While productivity and […]

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Profit Margins Increase Steadily Throughout Manufacturing Industry

As the employment opportunities within the manufacturing industry slowly begin to rise, it seems that the profit margins have already bounced back to pre-recession levels. According to a report issues by Wells Fargo, the year over year gains within the industry were up 4% from the same time last year. Better yet, the Boston Consulting […]

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Skills Gap Leaves United States Manufacturing Industry With 600,000+ Vacancies

One of the biggest hurdles that the United States manufacturing industry is facing is that there’s a huge shortage of skilled workers to fill vacancies across various verticals. In fact, according to the Manufacturing Institute’s 2011 year-end Skills Gap report, there were 600,000 vacant manufacturing jobs in the United States. One of the biggest causes of […]

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