Machine Program Overview

The machine program curriculum places a strong emphasis on learning manual machine processes, and gradually builds to expose selected participants to Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) operations based on each student’s skills and abilities. The machine curriculum is delivered by a team of instructors with many years of experience who are recognized in their industry for their expertise. The SAMI Program then connects these students to manufacturers in need of skilled machinists.

The 400-hour machine program curriculum was developed, in conjunction with our machine labs, to replicate real world work experience. The curriculum is a combination of classroom and shop experiences to acquire basic skills in manual machine processes, and CNC operations for selected participants that excel in our program, that are necessary for the modern machinist.

Curriculum Highlights

After being accepted into the machine program you will learn and experience:

  • Contextualized math for machine technologies
  • Using precision measurement tools, manufacturing materials, cutting tool technologies, metal characteristics, and cutting speeds & feeds
  • Reading blue prints, bench work activities, metal characteristics, work piece layout, deburring tools and techniques, and cutting speeds and feeds
  • Drill press operation
  • Lathe/Turning process; Set-up/chucks & collets/indicating work pieces, cutting tool design & positioning, and turning operations
  • Vertical Milling process; work holding devices/set-up, cutting tool speed feed, and squaring/drilling/boring/angles
  • Surface Grinding process; grinding wheel technology, surface finish process, and squaring & parallel grinding to dimensions
  • CNC process; Set-up/tool offset positions, operation, and program monitoring & adjustment
  • OSHA-10 Certification
  • Job preparation workshops