Overcoming Math Anxiety With a Great Instructor

Math RemediationMath Remediation Instructor, Lisa Flaherty, works with SAMI Machine training participants to help them brush up on their math skills as they learn new technical skills to enter the workforce.  Lisa has earned an excellent reputation working with adult learners  who are tackling math for the first time in many years as part of their training program in Machine, Welding or Shipfitting.  For many participants the initial thought of converting fractions and decimals brings on childhood anxieties, but Lisa’s style allows participants to learn at their own pace with her support and encouragement.  SAMI participants actually look forward to math class with Lisa! (From left to right: Instructor, Lisa Flaherty, Ryan Fermino, TJ Lanphear, Derrek Haney, Brandon Lizotte, Jonathan Link, Alex Castaldi and Joshua Broady)

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