Manufacturing Skills Gap Is Hitting US Companies Hard

For companies across the country, the skills gap is hitting employers – especially manufacturers – hard.

This week, Plastics News took an in-depth look at the issues caused by the skills gap in the town of Sarepta, Louisiana. While the geographical location might not be anywhere near Rhode Island, the town’s description is quite similar to many of Rhode Island’s towns – small, quaint… and full of employers struggling to fill positions that call for skilled workers.

According to the article,

This is not limited to a big company or small company and isn’t just a U.S. issue,” Rodriguez said. “There’s need for technical talent across the board, in logistics, engineering, computers, etc., and it’s starting to stress management and limit some production.”

The skills gap remains an almost universally shared issue for U.S. manufacturers.

Nearly 98 percent of CEOs say the skills gap is a problem for their companies, according to a survey released last week by nonprofit Change the Equation.

The transportation, trade and manufacturing companies surveyed by the organization represent an employment base of 3.1 million — approximately 2 percent of the entire U.S. workforce.

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