What Does SAMI Offer?

SAMI is…

  • A unique program operated by NEIT to prepare qualified job seekers for training and careers in the shipbuilding/marine and advanced manufacturing industries.
  • A partnership that includes those Rhode Island employers who need skilled and motivated workers including Electric Boat, Senesco, Blount Marine, Guill Tool, Swissline Precision, RI Carbide Tool, Swiss Line Precision Manufacturing Incorporated and Blount Boats.
  • A program developed by New England Institute of Technology with funds awarded by the US Department of Labor. An equal opportunity employer.

SAMI will…

  • Expose you to information about the variety of jobs available in the marine and manufacturing trades.
  • Provide you with hands-on industry based job skills evaluation by allowing you actually use tools of the trade to determine if it’s the job for you.
  • Provide instructors that are experts in their industry to conduct evaluations and training.
  • Conduct assessments to determine program eligibility and to guide career decision making.
  • Provide you with work readiness skills that have been identified by Rhode Island employers as skills and abilities that they value in current and potential employees.
  • Provide you with a professional case manager to guide and support you through SAMI.
  • Connect you to employers who are seeking qualified, motivated workers.
  • Start you on an educational pathway to credit and degree programs.
  • Award professional certifications upon program completion.

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