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Finding Shipbuilding Talent Is The Hardest Part Of The Job

According to The Virginian Pilot, the most difficult part of breaking into the shipbuilding industry isn’t finding a job – it’s being qualified for the job. Below, read an excerpt from the article, and then click here to read more! Carole Bowen is a 67-year-old great-grandmother — and a first-rate welder with nearly 40 years […]

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Making It Happen In Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Foundation recently spoke with recent SAMI graduates to discuss their experience in the program, as well as their job prospects and outlook after they graduated. If you’re interested in a career in a skilled trade, specifically in the manufacturing or shipbuilding sectors, then SAMI (Shipbuilding/Marine Trades and Advanced Manufacturing Institute) at New England Tech, may […]

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SAMI Success Stories | When Your Childhood Playground Is a Shipyard

Julie Blount’s childhood memories are not typical. She grew up in the picturesque “oyster community” of Warren, Rhode Island, where the Blount family compound had been established by her great grandfather, who ran an oyster shop. Julie’s uncle founded Blount Seafood, and her father – a brilliant mechanical engineer – began Blount Marine back in 1949. Julie grew up […]

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The US Welding Industry Needs You!

After being seen as a “dead-end job” for decades, the welding industry is going through a huge revitalization. Unfortunately there aren’t nearly enough skilled workers to fill the open positions in the industry… some of which enable employees to earn over $100,000 per year. recently featured an article highlighting the plight of the welding […]

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The SAMI Welding Shop Is Up And Running

Participants in the Shipbuilding/Marine Trades and Advanced Manufacturing Institute (SAMI) Welding cohorts have been having great success both in and out of the labs. In January, the graduates from our welding cohort all graduated with full-time job offers, and after taking a look at our labs, it’s easy to see why. The participants in the program […]

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Women In The Welding Workforce

The American manufacturing industry has been facing a problem recently – there are far more jobs available than qualified tradespeople to work them. Interestingly, the manufacturing sector is tackling this problem in a way that it hasn’t done since World War I – it’s focusing its recruiting tactics on women. spoke with a number of […]

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