American Manufacturing Is Making A Comeback

Last year filmmakers Nathan thomas McGil and Vincent Vittorio produced a documentary called American Made Movie, which examined the past, present, and future of the American manufacturing industry.

The film has gotten a very positive reception from critics, as well as those directly involved with the manufacturing industry, and has helped to open the eyes of laypeople as to what needs to be done to help strengthen this important piece of the U.S. economic infrastructure.

Next up for the filmmakers is an as-yet untitled project where they’ll examine the skills gap that many U.S. employers are facing. The project will examine “how things like training and education are impacting manufacturing.”

Clearly, the skills gap within the manufacturing industry is a hot topic. Employers are looking for prospective employees with the abilities and skills necessary to operate in today’s high-tech world. The Shipbuilding/Marine Trades and Advanced Manufacturing Institute (SAMI) at New England Institute of Technology is dedicated to providing unemployed Rhode Island residents with free skills assessments and job training to make them desirable – and well prepared – candidates for manufacturing and shipbuilding positions.

To find out if you qualify, call us at (401) 739-5000 x3700 or fill out our inquiry form!



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